Welcome All Participants:  This blog will serve as the means for the participants in the Seminar Performance Research By/With/For Youth to contribute their own research, to comment on the contributions of others, and to establish some groundwork discussion and questions for our meeting at Brock University.

Seminar DateTuesday, May 27, 2014

Time: 9:00AM

Location: Schmon Tower, Room 105

An outline of the process:

Groupings:  The seminar is divided into three groups (see: toolbar along the top).  We ask all participants to respond to their group first. You are also welcome to comment on papers in the other groups.

The group facilitators for each group are as follows:

Group One: Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

Group Two: Marlene Mendonca

Group Three: Anne Wessels

Each facilitator will help orchestrate the online discussion as and when necessary.


By April 6: Short papers outlining your research and overarching questions will be uploaded to the site. 

Between Now and May 27:  You will get the opportunity to read and comment on the paper submissions in your group. We encourage you to generate as much discussion with the author and the other participants as time permits.

At the Conference:  When we meet at the conference, your smaller group will be together for the first part of our three hours.  You can follow up on your discussion, and get to know each other.  You will also be asked to find a way to articulate larger questions and concerns.  The second part of the seminar will involve the whole group together, including visitors, where these larger questions and concerns will be taken up with all seminar participants and visitors.

Happy Reading!